Tribute to the Prince of Pop and Funk

1992 purple night

The new opus Les Bains Guerbois

He arrives in a limousine, the rumor has preceded him. Crowd outside, crowd inside.

He dines and then goes down to the club, leaving a strong trail of heady perfume: tuberose, tonka bean, patchouli and amber wood.

He goes on stage. Announced but not guaranteed.

Free act, for fun, for the club, for those who are there. For him if the mood is there.

Concert ! Total magic. Rain of sounds, colors, scents.

How many artists, how many strong moments, lived, dreamed, this year at the Baths?

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Families : Oriental, Floral, Hesperide

Head : Tangerine

Heart : Tuberose, Egyptian Jasmine

Background : Accord Tobacco, Accord Suede, Patchoul

Dominique Ropion, parfumeur Les Bains Guerbois


A word from the perfumer

Dominique ropion

“The idea was to create a fragrance that reflects the paradox that Prince represents as an artist: total exuberance as well as great sensitivity.

At the heart of the creation is the tuberose, a flower so multiple, which appeared to me as an evidence, and we chose to bring to it bewitching leathery inflections but also an extremely fresh departure around the tangerine…

If I had to define it in three words: Exuberant, Sensitive and Avant-Gardist!”


A word from the founder

Jean-Pierre Marois

“Les Bains Guerbois is an adventure that captivates me. Straddling three centuries, it has caught its breath like never before.
A breath of exquisite and original scents thanks to these great perfumers that we have invited for the past three years to transpose the great dates of our house into fragrances. A unique, strong and eclectic Parisian history”.